Repair Work

Water Proofing , Hit Proofing…

1. For Basement & Retaining Wall Water Proofing
2. For Water Reservoir Water Proofing
3. For Making Plaster Water Proofing
4. For Leakage Treatment of Basement And Water Tank

5. For Damp Proof Treatment of Ground floor
6. For Damp Proof In Dry wan False Ceiling
7. For Anti Termite Treatment In Ground and Above
8. For Bathroom & kitchen Treatment before tiles Cladding

9. Skirt Level Damp Proof Treatment
10. Heat Proofing Solutions In Roof, M.S Pipe Etc.
11. Durability & preventive organic of E. T.P
12. Epoxy with High Strength Chemical

13. Crack Repairing with Flexible Chemical
14. Expansion Joint Treatment with Flexible Chemical